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An insight into the Medienforum Mittweida 2017

The producers Philine Ludwig and Stefan Möhrle thanked the whole team. In the past ten month more than 100 students worked to realize the media congress. A look back at two successful congress days:

be part of it!

The Medienforum Mittweida took place in 2017 for the 21st time. At ten o’clock the media forum Mittweida was opened in the TV studio of the “Zentrum für Medien und Soziale Arbeit (ZMS)“. The entire building was decorated with green plants and shrubs. In between, visitors, speakers, photographers and film crews cavorted. The guests got exclusive insights into the background and experiences of national and international media makers and could be part of it true to the slogan “Be Part Of It”.


WE ARE VR – The use of VR and 360° video in business and everyday life

This panel was about the world of virtual reality and 360° productions. One of the panel’s speakers was Gion Tummers from the digital agency Demodern. Together with his team, he developed a virtual reality app for the furniture store IKEA. The app increasingly relies on storytelling. After the panel, the audience in the foyer was fascinated by the 360​​° productions of the two speakers.

The Q&A at YouTube

WRITE. DELETE. REPEAT. – Challenges of German scriptwriters

The panel “WRITE. DELETE. REPEAT,“ was dedicated only to scriptwriters. Therefore Bob Konrad and Josef Ballerstaller arrived in Mittweida.
Bob Konrad writes screenplays for many series, including series such as “Löwenzahn“, “Soko Leipzig“ and “You Are Wanted“. During his lecture, he talked about creating screenplays for daily soaps and telenovelas, explained the importance of the different storylines in the series, and described his workflow as an author.

Series editor Josef Ballerstaller described the work of the editors who are planning a new television series, with the main focus on his own career. He was involved in comedy formats such as “Wochenshow”, “Ladykracher” and “Pastewka”.

The Q&A at YouTube

MORE THAN @VERTISEMENT – Marketing strategies and campaigning

Of course, a marketing panel could not be missing at the Medienforum Mittweida 2017: In MORE THAN @VERTISEMENT, for example Niels Böse of the advertising agency “Jung von Matt” spoke to the audience. His topic: The advertising and image campaign for the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie. With this the general interest in the Elbphilharmonie and its offers should be achieved. To cause a general sensation “Jung von Matt“ used Guerilla Marketing: The current program schedule of the Philharmonic was sprayed in the form of graffiti on house walls throughout Hamburg. At the opening, it was particularly important to include the citizens of Hamburg. That’s why an algorithm was developed, which projects the music on the facade of the Elbphilharmonie, so that all people in the city could experience the concert.

The Q&A at YouTube

SHOWCASE NEO MAGAZINE ROYALE – An exclusive insight into the production process

The last panel of Medienforum Mittweida 2017 belonged to J. Patrick Arbeiter of “bildundtonfabrik (btf)“. He is the live director and technical director of the “Neo Magazine Royale”. Among other things, Patrick Arbeiter described the creation of the program and showed pictures of the old studio. Then he explained the restart of the program with the title “Neo Magazine Royale”, the search for a new broadcasting studio and the changes in the program flow.

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DARLING, WE NEED TO TALK – Does politics need tuition in the media?

Six media and political experts came together in the media policy discussion: Hubertus Koch from the Y-Kollektiv, former BR editor-in-chief Sigmund Gottlieb, SPD politician Sabine Friedel, Jan Schipmann and Friederike Schiller from the INFORMR debate format and Professor Janis Brinkmann debated about the communication problems between politics and the media. The talk was guided by Thomas Bärsch from ZDF. To give the conversation a direction, the central questions “How is politics communicated through the media?” and “Why is there no functioning culture of debate anymore?” were formulated. Among other things, the speakers also addressed the significance and impact of mass media. Despite the difficult topic, an lively conversation with interesting points of view developed.

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Program schedule

You can read all keynotes, speeches, talks and workshops of the Medienforum here in the program schedule. There you also see when the events took place and who guided them. Thank you for your numerous participation!