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FAQ – frequently asked questions about the Medienforum Mittweida 2018

What’s the Medienforum Mittweida?

The Medienforum Mittweida is the biggest organized Media Congress in Germany which is only planned and accomplished by students. It takes place once a year in the “Zentrum für Medien und soziale Arbeit“ of the University Mittweida.

What can you expect at the Medienforum Mittweida?

The Medienforum Mittweida offers you exciting keynotes, interesting talks and practical workshops with speakers from well-known companies out of different areas of the media industry. In the course of this current themes of the national and international media world will be enlightened. In the recruiting lounge you also get the opportunity to establish first contacts with respected companies for your future.

When does the Medienforum Mittweida 2018 take place?

The Medienforum Mittweida 2018 takes place at the 19th & 20th of November 2018.

Where does the Medienforum Mittweida take place?

Zentrum für Medien und Soziale Arbeit of the Hochschule Mittweida – University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida.

Zentrum für Medien und Soziale Arbeit
Bahnhofstraße 15
09648 Mittweida

How much is the admission charge?

The Medienforum Mittweida is completely free.

Who is organizing the Medienforum Mittweida?

The Medienforum Mittweida is a project which is only planned and accomplished by students of the University Mittweida.

Who can participate at the Medienforum Mittweida?

Everybody who’s interested in the media industry and wants to visit us can participate.

What are the keynotes?

A keynote is a presentation from a speaker, in which he enlightens innovative themes or the newest trends in the media industry. Each one has a duration of 20 to 30 minutes. On this occasion the panels are especially interesting because they combine several keynotes to similar topics. In this way the students get the opportunity to receive an impression of the everyday work and to look behind the scenes of the media industry. Afterwards the visitors have the chance to get in direct contact with the speakers and are able to talk with them in small groups and pleasant atmosphere as well as ask questions about their keynotes or companies.

What can you expect at the talks?

In the numerous talks the main focus lays on the interaction between the invited guests from the media industry and the audience. In talks you will discuss together the latest themes or norms and values in the world of media.

What can you expect at the workshops and how can you sign in?

If you want to be creative and educate yourself practical you’re right in the workshops. The participants receive practical tips from real experts and get the opportunity to realize small projects on their own.

What is the recruiting lounge and how can you sign in?

In the recruiting lounge the participants get the chance to introduce themselves and get in contact with well-known companies personally. Students can exchange with agents of the companies in form of speed-datings and perhaps they may get a traineeship.

Is there any catering at the event?

Yes. In the foyer drinks and snacks will be selled.

Can I submit own theme suggestions for the Medienforum Mittweida?

Yes, of course. No matter if its about potential companies or speakers. We’re pleased to receive your suggestions and desires. Therefor you can send a mail to mfmw@hs-mittweida.de or fill in the form.

Is there a possibility to become accredited as a press?

Yes, you just have to fill in the accreditation form which you find on our website. It’s located at the keyword “About“ beneath “Press“.

Is there any possibility to watch the event outside of Mittweida?

Yes. At the event days the panels will be shown on livestream at the TV channel of the University Mittweida. Afterwards the videos will be uploaded on the YouTube channel by the “Fakultät Medien“.

Any other questions?

Contact us on our social media channels or write a mail to mfmw@medienforum-mittweida.de. For further contact details visit “Über“ beneath “Contact“.