Medienforum Mittweida 2014 English

An insight into the Medienforum Mittweida 2014

For more than ten months, the team had been working towards the opening of the Medienforum Mittweida guided by the two producers Sebastian Wirsching and Anne Brantin. With the slogan “Follow the white Rabbit”, they spent two days on innovative media topics. Together, we look back on two successful congress days.

“Naughty like dark chocolate“

„Storytelling“ − eine gute Geschichte ist das Erfolgsrezept vieler erfolgreicher Werbekampagnen – Sie bleibt im Gedächtnis.

Storytelling – a good story is the recipe for success of many successful advertising campaigns – it stays in your memory. Our speakers Florian J. Krumrey and Till Felber showed us how exactly this works. One example was “Dumb Ways To Die”, a campaign of the metro trains in Melbourne.
Their tip for good ideas: “Just sit down with pen and paper and find out what comes out!“

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The power of multi-channel networks (MCN)

TV or YouTube? Alexander Arndt from Studio71 answered this question. YouTube is not only interesting for young people. It’s also significant for the advertising-relevant target group between 14 and 49. And what does that mean? YouTube and TV do not have to be contradictory! There are many ways to unite them – and it’s worth it for both sides.

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Makeover of the commercials

Short, compact and fascinating – this is how advertising has to be if it wants to survive the target group these days. Carlo Walther, commercial producer at Tony Petersen Film, presented current trends and developments for the future placement of brands and testimonials in the advertising industry. The best example of this was the well-known commercial series for “Redcoon“. Traditional advertising, as we know it, is shifting towards online. Whether so that the popular TV commercial can be completely displaced, remains questionable.

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Cash from the crowd

The crowd does it. Crowdfunding gives you the chance to start your own project using the community. You already like a startup project? No problem. One click, and you are immediately involved as a sponsor. In this way nobody else like Startnext founder Tino Kreßner knew how to better explain how flock financing can become a sustainable success: intensive preparation, authenticity in dealing with potential investors, and having a financial plan.

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Sport makes media

How do you best deal with the media as a professional athlete like a “necessary evil in sport“? Personal insights into experiences of the careers of Stefan Kretzschmar and Sven Theloke showed the light and dark sides of the professional athletes. That a boycott of the media is not the solution and how much psychologists can influence the performance of the athlete were the two main topics of the final round table and with this the final of the Medienforum Mittweida 2014.

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