The Medienforum Mittweida 2015

An insight into the Medienforum Mittweida 2015 on 16th & 17th November 2015

There were two successful congress days for all visitors and team members guided by the two producers Nina Förster and Anton Kramer. We look back on two days full of exciting keynotes and and talks. With the slogan “You better be …”, the speakers showed what you should be.

„It’s no goddamn Seminar“

Filmmaker Hubertus Koch is young, direct and does not mince words. That’s exactly what he advises students who want to do TV. In his film “Addicted to Jihad“, he processed his own experiences from his stay in Syria and reported on what had changed for him afterwards.
Another view directly from Syria conveyed Majid Al-Bunni. The citizen journalist, who himself fled from the conflict region, introduced how the idea of ​​a Syrian radio station has developed for Syrians and how this station actually works in Berlin.

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„Today we’re teaching Poodles how to fly“

Media live from emotions, passion and heartbeat. For Andreas Gall of the Red Bull Media House, „
“We give you wings“ is not just a marketing slogan but his daily business. Latest technologies are able to visualize the physical reactions of athletes. He revealed to the visitors what possibilities were given for involving the viewer even more in the happenings.

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„Plan it. Feel it. Keep it.“

The organization of an event requires besides the idea also creativity and assertiveness. Jörn Pfotenhauer of EDC International is planning events in the luxury segment, Christoph Krachten the VideoDays. Both know exactly how to get the audience excited. At least as important is according to Dr. Mandy Risch-Kerst also the legal protection of the events. All three gave viewers an insight into the event industry for marketing purposes and how to protect it.

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„Nous sommes Charlie!“

On 7th January, 2015 two masked, armed men entered the editorial board of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and killed twelve people. It was one of the worst terrorist attacks in France since 1961. Around the world, people confessed to Charlie Hebdo and stood together with slogans against terrorism and tolerance. The French journalist, filmmaker and professor Alan Rosenthal of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, dr. Regina Bouchéri and Daniel Leconte dealt with the topic and asked themselves the question: Does satire have to hurt?

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„Gotta catch’ em All“

How can you bring the target group of 14 to 29 year olds back in front of the television and to linear formats? Is this possible at all? What are the future prospects for new format developments and how big is the role of the education contract?
These questions were discussed by Thomas Lückerath, founder and CEO of DWDL, Felix Wesseler of filmpool, Philipp Bitterling, format developer of WDR, Christoph Krachten, organizer of VideoDays and Jörg Wiesner, program director for Young Services at MDR.

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