The Medienforum Mittweida 2016

An insight into the Medienforum Mittweida 2016 on 14th & 15th November 2016

“In retrospect, it was the result of an outstanding team performance.“ – The producers Lisa Mundt and Florian Bernhardt proudly look back on the Medienforum Mittweida 2016. The team had been working towards this moment for over ten months. Now it is time to hand over the management to the successors and to remember the two successful days.

The Slogan

With the slogan “Beyond the Stories” the Medienforum Mittweida 2016 enlightened the “stories behind the stories”. Especially in the media world, many stories are told, but often you scratch it only on the surface. On the Medienforum Mittweida, however, it goes into depth and the media events can be discussed in numerous panels, talks and workshops. Viewers get an all-round view of current topics and developments in the media world and receive the opportunity to get in direct contact with the speakers and ask them questions about their keynotes and companies.

“Level up your Life!”

Oliver Göck (managing director of 3spin) and Steffan Kottkamp (general executive manager of MackMedia) took the audience on a journey into virtual reality. No matter if you are to guest in airplanes or you entry into fantasy worlds – VR makes almost everything possible without having to leave the cozy sofa. From the workflow, through the necessary software to potential applications in marketing, the two speakers showed what can be done with virtual reality. Particularly impressive was the insight into the coastiality of MackMedia.

The Q&A from this Panel at YouTube

“One world – many ways to tell a story“

Whether Libya, Iran or Syria – Philipp Breu had visited places where you otherwise would find few or no journalists at all. As an embedded journalist, civil war correspondent, he witnessed war and destruction firsthand and was shot himself in Syria. In the panel “One world – many ways to tell a story”, he took the visitors into the world of a journalist, who looks where nobody else looks: stories away from the mainstream, the focus on people in the Middle East, their conflicts and social problems.

“For me, individual, personal stories are more important than obvious stories,” says Breu.

The Talk at YouTube


The panel “#vidjogeil” was presented by Daniel Hoffmann (ambitious.films) and the two freelance directors Carlo Oppermann and Christian Alsan. The three have been working together for many years and implemented music videos amongst other things for CASPER, Kraftklub and Lance Butters. True to their motto, they let pictures speak and showed the audience how much work is behind a single music clip.
“The concept behind a video clip can come after the first listening of a song, it can also delay the rendering of the finished clip,” Christian Alsan explained.

The Panel at YouTube

„Ein Herz für Podcasts“ “A heart for podcasts”

Dominik Hammes (Radio Nuklear), Nicolas Semak (Viertausendherz) and Jörg Wiesner (MDR Sputnik) discussed the content and financing of podcasts. Why podcasts and not radio? All three speakers were in agreement – podcasts give you the opportunity to try out and each topic can be edited free of any transmission scheme.

The Talk at YouTube

„Demokratie und Medien” “Democracy and the Media”

Another talk dealt with the connection between democracy and the media. Do people no longer trust the media? Do they really believe more in information from social networks than established information services?
These questions were posed by Antonie Rietzschel (Süddeutsche Zeitung), Firas Alshater (Youtuber), Henrik Nürnberger (Junge Presse Berlin e.V.), Thomas Dittrich (EMBA), Aline Fiedler (CDU) and moderator Thomas Bärsch (ZDF). Above all, the speakers agreed on one point: the media should not give up. Overcoming the crisis of confidence will be a hard and long road, but the optimism to overcome it outweighs it.

The Talk at YouTube

Program schedule 2016

You can read all keynotes, speeches, talks and workshops of the Medienforum here in the program schedule. There you also see when the events took place and who guided them. Thank you for your numerous participation!